In 1983 I released a self-produced vinyl record album.  I never did get signed to Atlantic Records, but hey – I still think the tracks came out pretty well.  So for my loyal fans (both of you), here they are.  I still have the 1/4-inch stereo master tapes, but they're decades old, and I don't know how much the magnetic data has degraded.  So I put a fresh 33RPM LP on a record player & ripped MP3s.  Enjoy!


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Side A (16:16):                               Side B (16:58):

        Right Outside the Door (2:24)          Lisa Please (3:07)
        Nothin's Ever Simple (3:17)             Livin' in the Good Life (2:51)
        Infatuation (3:34)                             Beating Around the Bush (3:45)
        Climbin' On (3:38)                           Keep On Runnin' (2:39)
        The Bottom Line (3:16)                    Gonna Get Cha (4:29)

This album was recorded in 1981 and 1982.  4-row Janko keyboards were used exclusively.  For the 7-foot Yamaha grand and Fender Rhodes, an overlay “piggy-back” keyboard was used.

The piano in “Right Outside the Door” is a Mahler Audio upright with a custom-built 4-row Janko/Nordbo keyboard.  As of this writing, this piano is owned by Paul Panebianco of Long Island, NY, USA.

The expanded live-playing possibilities of the Janko are apparent in “Infatuation”.  You can hear hand-over-hand figures and sliding chords.  The bass, drums and piano were recorded live in the studio (without overdubbing).

Listen carefully & you can hear more sliding Rhodes chords in “Livin' in the Good Life”.

I actually won $50 in a national songwriting contest for “Beating Around the Bush”.  Go figure.

“Gonna Get Cha” is my favorite cut.  Note the similarity to the 32nd-note rhythm structures in modern rap music.  Can I say I was ahead of my time?

To view the album credits, click on the back cover above.  btw, yes that is that Victor Conte.  He was actually a hell of a bass player before he branched off into, shall we say, "retail pharmacology".